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Liveaboard in a West Wight Potter 15

Choosing the boat that's right for you is much more involved than choosing a neighborhood and house. Ask you questions here!

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Ivan Tiniakov
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Liveaboard in a West Wight Potter 15

Postby Ivan Tiniakov » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:49 pm

Hi guys, first time posting here so I hope this is in the right sub.

So, background: I'm currently in college, going to graduate in 2019, and I want to live on a sailboat. I'm thinking of spending 3 seasons (spring/summer/fall) sailing the Americas. Since I'd rather anchor than stay in a marina and am a typical broke college kid, I wanna go small with my boat. Like, really small. Currently I'm considering a West Wight Potter 15 (15' LOA).

I've lived in a 2-door jeep before for about 3 months, so I'm confident I'll have no problem with the lack of living space. Here's where the problems start: I have absolutely zero knowledge of how to live on a sailboat (besides stuff I can gleam off of the big youtubers). I know how to sail a dinghy (like a Sunfish or RS Quba), and I know how to live in a small space, but that's it.

From what I can gather, the main categories of gear needed are:
-Boat accessories
-sleeping stuff
-cooking stuff
-bathroom stuff
-laundry stuff
-dinghy and accessories
-emergency gear
-recreation gear
-electrical stuff (solar panels/batteries/etc)
-sailing stuff (anchor/line/sails)

Within those categories, is everything that might possibly be needed covered? If not, I'd love input on what I'm missing.

Assuming I covered all the categories, my gear list (currently) is as follows:

West Wight Potter 15
-5hp outboard

-summer/winter sleeping bag
-sleeping pad

-single burner electric hot plate
-cutting board
-measuring cup/spoons
-2 sets utensils
-knife set
-aluminum foil

-compost toilet
-toiletries and products

-bucket with detergent

-12 volt refrigerator
-electric freshwater sink
-15 gallon water jug

-inflatable dinghy
-2hp outboard

-full med kit
-locator beacon
-multiple radios/gps

-snorkel gear
-fishing gear
-hiking gear

-solar panels
-battery bank for appliances
-WiFi hotspot
-Tablet with navigation
-led lights

sailing stuff
-storm sails
-sail covers
-backup sails
-patch kit
-backup anchor
-backup rope

-a week's worth of normal clothes
-lots of swimsuits
-cold weather gear
-rain gear
-hiking boots
-running shoes
-water shoes
-boat shoes

-small toolbox
-all tools possibly needed for boat repairs

-foldout table/companionway door

-electric skateboard
-electric ukulele with amp
-backups of essential stuff (compass, charts, etc)
-small library

Please let me know if there's anything I either included but don't need or need and forget to include.

Obviously, I'd need lots of stowage to keep all that stuff (plus other things I probably forgot) aboard. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me find any diagrams or plans of the WWP15 that shows whether there's any stowage or not. The most I can make out is that there's a small locker under one of the cushions that's used for extra line and sails and stuff.

To store all my gear and food, I thought of cutting out the fiberglass that the cushions sit on and making that area into small storage areas. I would do the same with the bench seats in the cockpit (I would make them into hinged chest style storage compartments). My issue with this is that I'm pretty sure that all the space I'm planning to cut out and turn into stowage is used for positive flotation foam...

So I pose the question: Is it possible (and safe) to cut out all the foam and still have the boat sail well (and without fear of sinking)?

Thank you for reading all the way through and not just laughing at the preposterous idea:)

If you have any answers, suggestions, critiques, ideas, etc, I'd absolutely love to hear them. Any other general sailing/living advice would also be greatly appreciated!

Have a good day,
Ivan Tiniakov

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Re: Liveaboard in a West Wight Potter 15

Postby scallywag » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:07 pm

Reading various BLOGS, you will find anything is possible. Pedaling a bicycle around the U.S. It is easy to start out with nothing and live on nothing. It is hard to start out with a silver spoon in your mouth and live on nothing. Most boats sink when flooded or holed. Why worry about loosing the boat? Boats are lost during storms and hurricanes. Jessie, my idol, wrote about how little one needs to live. She and her friend sailed Louise the GREAT LOOP and met two girls in kayaks paddling down the Mississippi River. The girls in the kayaks sleep on the river bank at night.

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