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Summer Heat

ImageA forum to discuss issues related to living aboard your boat here. This is the place for "doing it" rather than "planning to do it".
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Summer Heat

Unread postby scallywag » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:28 pm

This is a topic for CaptForce and Ralph....How do you deal with Summer Heat. Ralph is from Texas. CaptForce traveled North. Katie and Jessie did not like the heat in the South. As long as you did not have heat stroke, how do you handle the heat? After working for a few hours, I rest in the shade. Air conditioning does not help my body the next morning. Your thoughts... :|

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Re: Summer Heat

Unread postby tex » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:52 pm

It's the other way around for me, Scal. Once I'm over-heated, it takes me quite a while to cool down. Inflammation and discomfort follow. Between years of heat in Miami, I was three years in Berlin. While most people think that continental climate is miserable, for me it was great. Heck, I even loved taking hot baths after a day in the frequent cold, rainy conditions that the city was famous for.
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Re: Summer Heat

Unread postby CaptForce » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:50 am

It's true that I did cruise up to New England for many summers after I retired, but like Capt Charlie, I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and without air conditioning until I was twelve. I have been riding my bicycle a couple miles each day in these 90+ degree afternoons wearing a wet T-shirt. While I was still teaching, we would cruise south in the summers. Sure, I'd stay in the shade and drink plenty of water during the day and sleep in the breeze uncovered at night. I do like air conditioning, but I do well in the heat,- bottom line, for me it's clothing- 'loose white cotton outside in the day and maybe a light cotton sheet at night. I think it's what your adapted to over a long time. I'm beginning to adjust to living where you can often see your breath in the cold winters of North Florida. I'll choose the heat!
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Re: Summer Heat

Unread postby RTB » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:45 pm

Once we left Texas in November of 2012, our goal was to get to someplace warmer in the winter. Never did we look for a place that would be cooler in the summer. South of Miami works for us for winters. Summer time is all about where we will be safest for hurricane season. I'm not willing to run all the way to Nova Scotia to stay cool in the summer.

Maybe the West Coast offers less seasonally demanding climates? How about shipping your boat to San Francisco if you like colder temps? What range of temps would one have to deal with in San Diego? Just pointing out some options here.

Drifting from the topic here, my biggest challenge is winter. We do run a ceramic heater when at the dock. It's the only time I exceed the basic electric charges. We used 11 KWH of electric last month. Winter is MUCH higher. Condensation and mold are our enemy in the winter. Summer, a couple of fans keep things more or less comfortable.

Just give me bathing suit and flip-flop weather, and I'm a happy camper.

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Re: Summer Heat

Unread postby Jaxfishgyd » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:35 pm

From being born/raised in S. Florida and spending all my time outdoors in my youth, to my 42 yrs working outside as a telephone repair tech.... I can tell you... the older one gets, the worse the heat gets.... The only thing that worked for me at the end of my career (retired in 2012) was to drown myself drinking water and gatoraid from the minute I got up till I went to bed, everytime I got out of/in to my work truck I drank 12 oz of cold something..... But even then, in the summertime I would sweat till 1am- 3am...
Now I still drink a lot (most beer, but that's getting off the subject)...... but now really play a "union role", work 15-30 mins, then rest in the shade for 10-30 mins.... Had a guy at the marina next door taken off by EMS last week for over heating and had a heart attack....
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Re: Summer Heat

Unread postby ka8uet » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:39 pm

I do NOT do well in the heat, so I've been hiding out in the AC on the boat. If it's unusually hot at night, I sponge down with cool water and turn on the fans.

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