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Mid life crisis, or realizing dreams..

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Mid life crisis, or realizing dreams..

Unread postby Tifoez » Wed May 09, 2018 2:13 pm

So recently our family has gone through several life changing moments, too many to put to list without feeling the universe is our responsibility.. My wife Lisa and I are 36 this year, and we have watched our community go to shit from drugs and people who want something for nothing..
We fought and bought our first home in a nice community, honestly we consider that home our "rescue" if we didn't buy it, it would have been torn down.. First we had to reshingle the roof, redo ALL the drywall, and put our lives into having a "shelter and patch," something we could call OURS, on this planet..
After every trail and error, nickel and dime, blood and sweat, we thought we were successful, UNTIL we got a notice that the individual that we had the contract of renting to own from did NOT hold the deed to the property and everything that we put into that home was void. We had the option of going to court to get our investment returned, but if we lost, we would be charged with several charges including trespass, breaking and entering, vandalism over $5k (even though the vandalism was the repairs that we made, with the receipts of material and some hired labor)..
Lesson: check, research, dig some more.. and sometimes, when the deal seems like crap, that you think you are getting the shitty part of the deal, that it doesn't mean that its the safe deal.. That sometimes the too good to be true, IS real, and you have to take the punches on the chin when they come..

From that home we found another property that has a two car garage and life is semi returning to normal, when my ex decides that she cannot fight the junkie battle anymore and gave into the addiction. So now my 14 year old daughter who for the last ten years of me thinking she was safe with her mother, is so "programmed" to manipulate and lie to cover up, we do not really know who she is, or what she can do.. I've always had a desire to just uproot from the hustle and bustle of "domesticated life" and when I presented the idea to my family of being a liveaboard family to my wife, daughter, and stepson, I was met with the warmest reactions!! What I thought would be a hard sell, is starting to worry me that all of this is "too perfect"..
Of course, we will still need to find our vessel, make the purchase, probably have a million things to fix, and pray we don't lose everything we've built the first time we launch, but vehicle(boat) titles don't lie & free & clear, means exactly that, free & clear!!
We are currently selling everything we cannot use aboard, and are constantly searching, but wanted to send a shout out of thanks to everyone here, who already live the lives we hope to have.. Every hard struggle that we endure along our journey will be worth it, and we look forward to learning with y'all and someday being able to help the next family who pulls anchor!!


Captain Tifoez,
Backwoods Fleet.

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Re: Mid life crisis, or realizing dreams..

Unread postby tex » Wed May 09, 2018 10:00 pm

Welcome aboard and here’s hoping that you journey into living aboard goes a bit smoother than your trials with a dirt home. We’re all addicts here....boat addicts, that is.
When life is hard, eat marshmallows!

Topic author
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Joined: Mon May 07, 2018 3:49 pm
Your Vessel Info: 1978 Luhrs SportFisherman

Re: Mid life crisis, or realizing dreams..

Unread postby Tifoez » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:28 am

My time away from repairing our boat is limited, but I wanted to update the community. We bought the Flying Finn, a retired charter boat from the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan, She is a 32' 1978 Luhrs 320 Flybridge Cruiser.. Twin Chrysler 360s on v-drives..
I have yet to figure out pictures, but i can help ya'll find us on youtube @ "Journey 303" and I am going to attempt to add the link..

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVwH4i ... -hgeQfDMFA
is the youtube channel for Journey 303, the $303 ebay boat, if you copy and paste into google browser it takes you straight to our videos..

Please feel free to criticise, you are not the only person/s to think we are crazy, and not the first to make fun of our video skills :)

May your waters be calm & your bilges empty..

Signing off,
Captain Tifo..
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Re: Mid life crisis, or realizing dreams..

Unread postby scallywag » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:26 pm

Boats like houses always need work. Cleaning the inside. Scraping the growth from the hull. Yes, there are con artists selling boats. Wish you luck on either path.

Dot and John

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