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Cable steering specialists or repair options?

ImageDiscuss boat maintenance and repair issues here.

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Cable steering specialists or repair options?

Unread postby nopeda » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:17 pm

I have asked about this particular problem more than once in this forum and have learned several things but still have the problem. The steering cable in my 1968 43' Lazy Days houseboat is seized up because on the motor end about 3' from the end the outer jacket has been cut and it seems to be rusted solid. This boat has a propeller and rudder with no out drive. I've soaked the cable in PB Blaster for over a week then tried tapping very sharply on the end, then 50 lbs (or more) of pull to the end tapping on the cable, and it did not budge. At this point it seems safe to say that section of the cable is beyond repair. But the rack is fine and that end of the cable seems to be fine. The cable had a large loop in the front end of the boat due to extra length so it would probably still be long enough if the bad section could be cut out, the outer jacket be cut back and another end be welded or crimped to the end of the good part of the cable. Does anyone have experience doing or having that sort of repair done? It seems there must be cable repair specialists out there somewhere, though probably not boat specialists, but so far I haven't been able to find any.

Continuing the frustrating attempts it seems this is a Ride Glide system. My rack is in great shape and looks like this:

https://greenbayprop.com/ride-guide-hea ... b440450885

so I don't need a new rack though I'd gladly pay for a cable with that type rack if I could find one. If I could find a cable long enough with this sort of rack end: https://tinyurl.com/yy2ewfqv that would be great but imo I need at least 38' and that one is a bit short and that's if what is pictured is what would actually arrive. Sometimes you don't get what's in the picture. At this point it seems I need a 11111A~~ or 76043A~~ type steering cable with the ~~ being at least 38', or 40', or... If anyone knows a place to check for vintage cables like that please let me know.

At West Marine they have the SS141~~ type cable and the threaded part from the motor end of my cable fits on it perfectly so that end would work great. But the new rack would not bolt up to the old helm and the tooth spacing may or may not be compatible if I could make a bracket to addapt it. It looks like it could be an option though. Another is that maybe the cable could be removed from the SS141~~ rack and be made to secure to the old rack. Have any of you made a repair that way before, or tried to?

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